Crystalline Pendant Necklace

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This classic style pendant necklace exudes elegance and is the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion outfit. Imagine the simple glamour of this pendant with a v-neck chiffon gown, perhaps you're going to a ball? Or even getting married? In two soft colours, this could become the family heirloom you pass on to your daughter. The genuine Swarovski crystal is a 44 mm crystal drop shape and is mounted in a complimentary plated metal housing for a sleek look. We've paired it with a 24 inch / 60 cm fine plated brass chain, which hangs mid chest, for a modern luxe look. It goes beautifully with pale colours, shades of white and black of course! Pair it with the matching Crystalline Drop Earrings for a really special set.

Available colours;

  • Blush crystal (dusty, muted dark pink) with gold housing on gold chain
  • Aurora borealis crysal (clear with a rainbow prism effect) with silver housing on silver chain

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