Toe Bunion Pads

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Soft gel toe bunion protection pads.

Includes: 2 pairs (4 pieces)

Gel bunion sleeve protector pads help prevent discomfort by cushioning toe and bunions against pressure and friction from footwear. Their low profile design fits inside most shoes and adjusts itself to the contours of the fifth toe and joint.

The closed-cell gel material does not absorb or breed bacteria for a sanitary healing environment. The gel bunion protectors are durable and reusable.

Bunion cover pads work best in snug-fitting shoes to help prevent rotating and bunching up. Consider wearing snug-fitting socks to help keep the pad in place.

Always ensure you have dried between and around your toes well before using toe spacers for a healthier bacteria-free environment.

It can be worn with any kind of footwear. You don’t feel it when on, they’re comfortable and prevent the bunions from getting worse. I use it all day when going out.

Just hand wash in soapy water and air dry to keep them clean.

It maintains the spacing between the toes though, and it keeps my hammer toe where it belongs mostly. Additionally, it protects from further aggravation to the area and makes day to day very comfortable.

they’re not comfortable in narrow shoes. The toe box must be big enough to accommodate the toe spacer. Otherwise, they can be uncomfortable.

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